Geoffrey K. Byrd, LPC, AMHCA

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Geoff Byrd is a Licensed Professional Counselor, American Mental Health Counselors (AMHCA) Diplomate: Clinical Mental Health and Couples Counseling Specialist, a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Advanced Clinician, as well as a Registered Counselor, NAABT (National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment) experienced with office based medical opioid dependence treatment coordinated with your physician. He holds degrees in Psychology and Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University and the Medical College of Virginia. Geoff specializes in relationships, men's issues (which he calls "yin for men") and offers individual counseling for adult men and women, relationship therapy, seminars and support groups. Geoff also teaches Mindfulness Meditation and provides Integrative Health Education services. He is a graduate of the Professional Training Program of the Center for Mind Body Medicine. Learn more by clicking any of the links below as well as the tab for the C.G.Jung Center.

Geoff participates with Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield) including Federal Employees Blue Cross, Aetna, and Peak (including Valley Health) Insurance Plans.

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IMAGO Relationship Therapy
Imago Relationships North America ~ Geoff Byrd.

Marriage and Couples Counseling
AMHC Couples Counseling Specialist ~ Geoff Byrd.

Imago is Latin for “image”. It explains the chemistry of attraction, why it fades, why we argue and fight and repeat the same frustrating pattern over and over again. Imago Therapy provides a completely different understanding of your relationship conflicts, as well as a very effective array of tools for reconnecting. This reconnection is what Imago Therapy is all about. When you fell in love, you felt connected. You likely felt a sense of wholeness, like the other person somehow completed you. This phase of the relationship is known as “romantic love”. It feels amazing, positive, hopeful and delicious. In romantic love, you’re happy together and cannot imagine life without this person. After a while, couples habituate to the chemistry and often begin to feel annoyed, and eventually hurt and deeply disappointed at the overwhelming loss of “love”. What happened? Who changed? One asks “Who ARE you and what did you do with the person I fell in love with”? This phase of love is known as “the power struggle”, and it can be devastatingly painful. Imago Therapy will show you how to use conflict to actually experience deep connection again, heal your relationship, your past hurts, and move you both into a much more rewarding and conscious love. Imago Therapy is about helping you heal and live in a connected relationship, without defensiveness. It's real and lasting love.

As an Imago Therapist, I help you articulate your frustrations, and I help your partner hear them without defensiveness. I also help you both understand something extremely important about yourself and your partner, so that a very powerful shift in consciousness can occur. My goal is for you to live and love again in a positive, safe and rewarding relationship.

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